Pigment analysis

Pigment analysis, using Raman spectroscopy. The analysis was carried out at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. A series of in-depth articles on the Raman results is underway and will soon be published in a scientific journal. The full report will be available on the website in April 2024. The main author of the report is Dr. Lars Helldahl.

The painting being analyzed at the Ångström Laboratory.
Ångström Laboratory.
Ångström Laboratory.

Photomicrograph of the cleaned area H, located on Domitian’s muscle cuirass. The brownish colored varnish is still present on top of the light blue grey color. We have not yet been able to identify the blue pigments in this area.

Below, a selection of spectra.

Ultramarine (lapis lazuli)


Cerussite (natural lead white)

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